The purpose of Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR) is to achieve the full inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities through education and advocacy. PILR is a Non-Profit organization.

Vision for the future:

At PILR, we feel strongly that individuals are healthiest and happiest when they’re connected and contributing to their community. We believe that these steps can help us reach this goal:

  • Helping to facilitate safe and independent housing situations for people with disabilities and aging populations
  • Increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  • Increase awareness about disabilities among employers and in the community at large
  • Position PILR as a local resource for information about disability and aging.


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“It’s easy to tell if a center’s doing strong advocacy. Someone from the state
is telling them they’re not allowed to lobby.”
~ Ed Roberts

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Work Works!

I met Tom when he was a freshman in high school but did not get to know him until his Junior year. I got to know him because he was involved with a project that our center did to show youth with disabilities the importance of community service. This young man had always been told that he would graduate high school and get on SSI and that would be his life, but I, and others here at the Independent