The purpose of Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR) is to achieve the full inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities through education and advocacy. PILR is a Non-Profit organization.

Vision for the future:

A world of inclusion where diversity is celebrated and choices are honored.


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“It’s easy to tell if a center’s doing strong advocacy. Someone from the state
is telling them they’re not allowed to lobby.”
~ Ed Roberts

Disability Mentoring Day

DISABILITY MENTORING DAY OCTOBER 18TH, 2017 This is the 16th year that PILR has been the local host of Disability Mentoring Day. Through the years, it has impacted many students in many different ways, but most importantly, it has allowed students to learn to have the expectation to work. DMD Logo A Past Success Story from Disability Mentoring Day: One participant in Disability Mentoring Day wanted to be mentored by a mechanic. She had family members who worked on cars, which was her career aspiration as well. We placed her at a mechanic shop and when she returned to the reception, she had grease on her face and her excitement and energy were contagious. She showed off the wrench they had given her, and explained to anyone who would listen that she had gotten to help “drop a transmission” which according to her was a good thing!! From a local employer about his past experience with Disability Mentoring Day: “I enjoy participating in Disability Mentoring Day.  Two years ago, I mentored a high school student that I ended up hiring the next summer.  He turned out to be one of my best employees, and is still working with me today.” If you can’t be a corporate sponsor… SPONSOR A STUDENT! For $25, you can sponsor a student. This covers their breakfast, snacks, t-shirt and door prizes.


Work Works!

I met Tom when he was a freshman in high school but did not get to know him until his Junior year. I got to know him because he was involved with a project that our center did to show youth with disabilities the importance of community service. This young man had always been told that he would graduate high school and get on SSI and that would be his life, but I, and others here at the Independent